WordPress forms using Gravity Forms

An online form can be a great asset to your business.

Quote Forms

Brisbane Granite & Marble

“Brisbane Granite & Marble produce kitchen benchtops where every job is unique. e.g. different types of stone, different sizes of tops, different suburbs, different edge details.

The list of variants is quite extensive with more than 100 different options in stone alone.

So to be able to correctly provide an exact quote for someone we need some detailed and exact information.

The quote form that Grace has provided on our website, provides an easy to use template for customers to quickly and easily fill out.

It prompts them as they go along for all the correct information.

At the same time it then provides us with the detailed information we require to properly prepare a quote without the client visiting our showroom.

Once the client completes the form we receive an email immediately, and the client also recieves a copy.

Clients are always impressed when we reply within 20-30 minutes of receiving the request with a firm exact price of their job.

The prompt and exact response we give, is often the catalyst we require to win jobs over our competitors.”

Philip Roebuck

Checkmate Safety

“I have been running a successful franchise for over 5 years and I needed to update our website to give it a new look and add a few features. I signed up with Grace from GN Designs to help me through the process and she did more than help. Grace was on the same wave length as me and knew exactly want I wanted and was very responsive if you needed her. She rebuilt our website and added some cool features to our website including an Intranet for our franchisees. Since launching our new website conversion rates have doubled!! I thought we were cruising along OK before, but with Grace’s knowledge of website building and branding we are now achieving great results and couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend GN Designs to anybody looking to build a website and I will be continuing to use GN Designs into the future.”

Neil McCosker – Checkmate Safety


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